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From March the 7th the 2022 catalogue is live.

  • All New Pricing Structure

  • The New Expo4 Galvanised system

  • The New TS Longspan System

  • Rivet Blue 400 kits

  • Visiplas Rack Protection and Barriers

  • Solid Steel Decking and Mesh Decking for TS Longspan and Rivet Racking

  • New “Big” Shelf Bins to suit TS Longspan and Rivet Racking

The 2022 catalogue features a lot of expanded sections:

  • A New Range of Tilt bin Wall and Floor Frames

  • A greater variety of shelf sizes for the Delta Plus System

To create a complete catalogue we have teamed up with our Guest Suppliers who you can deal with direct.

  • Shelfspan, GPC, QMP, Bott, Beaverswood & our sister company Freewall.

Visit TRADEZONE for Images, Instructions, Drawings, Videos & More.

For anything else please contact us on 01403 785985 or email

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