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PAS 13: What does it mean?

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

What is PAS 13?

PAS stands for Publicly Available Specification, and it's an official document created by the British Standards Institution (BSI). It gives clear guidelines on how to use a product or process properly.

PAS 13 is all about industrial safety barriers. It's divided into two parts: The first part helps Health and Safety and Operations managers understand how to use safety barriers correctly in busy industrial places. The second part is mainly for safety barrier manufacturers. It shows them how to test the barriers for strength and durability using standardized methods and keep a transparent record of the results for customers.

PAS 13 is the go-to global standard for industrial safety barriers. It offers the most reliable advice to enhance safety and manage traffic effectively in industrial areas, giving maximum protection.

PAS 13 Barriers
Tested to PAS 13

Why do we need PAS 13?

Every year in the UK, approximately 50 people lose their lives, and over 5,000 sustain injuries due to workplace transport accidents. Since each workplace is unique and comes with its own set of hazards and risks, a well-designed and well-maintained workplace that ensures proper separation of vehicles and people can significantly reduce the number of accidents.

Right now, there's no official safety standard for safety barriers, which means company owners can decide how much protection they want to provide on their sites. This lack of standardization can seriously jeopardise the safety of workers and pose risks to infrastructure, assets, and production.

The most effective approach to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles in a workplace is to establish separate routes for them. Additionally, using barriers, rails, and clear signage to prevent pedestrians from crossing at dangerous points is crucial. This PAS sets out the current best practices for traffic management in workplaces and establishes a standard for the safety barriers used within them.

PAS 13 Barriers in a warehouse
PAS 13 Barriers in a warehouse

Who created PAS 13?

PAS 13 came into being through collaboration between the British Standards Institution and the Health and Safety Executive. The BSI joined forces with a steering group comprising renowned blue-chip companies like Jaguar Land Rover, DHL, Nestles, MARS. Their valuable firsthand knowledge of safety practices across diverse industries played a crucial role in developing a unified and adaptable set of guidelines for barrier installation.

Watch the PAS 13 Webinar

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