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New Rivet Blue 400 Kit Launched

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

We have now developed a Rivet Kit that incorporates x2 boxes and x8 pieces of manageable-sized chipboard, see image below:

We currently have 520 kits available so I wanted to see whether taking some would be of interest to you to hold at your facility and ship out.

Each bay contains 2 boxes and 8 chipboard shelves, making it very simple to pick and deliver.

Ideal for you to stock and supply directly to your customers. 33 bays of one size will only take up 4 pallet spaces. 10 Bays will fit onto one double pallet.

Prices as low as £92.00 per bay, incl. chipboard ex-works.

* Can be purchased in smaller quantities for dropshipping but standard discounts will apply.

If you have any questions then please contact us at or by phone on 01403 785985. We look forward to your enquiries.

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