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Important Pricing Update 2021 for 2020 Prices

Dear Distributor,

I am sorry to have to inform you that unfortunately, we will have to adjust our recent price increase, the positive news is that it does not affect all products.

From January 18th 2021 please use the following matrix that reflects the total increase in our 2020 prices as featured in our Catalogue

Price increase on 2020 Catalogue  

Clicka +10%

Kwikrack +12%

Rivet +17%

Expo3 and 4 +12%

Delta +10%

Idea Plus +10%

Midispan +12%

Heavy Longspan +17%

Cantilever +12%

Vertical +10%

Pallet racking +12%

Rivet Workbench/Workstation +20%

Premium Workbench +10%

Kanban shelving +17%

Plastic Bins +10%

Tilt Bins +10%

Shelf trays +10%

You will see above that some products remain at a 10% increase, however other products have seen a further increase of between 2% and 10% - we have tried to mitigate the cost increases by looking at the ‘make-up’ of the product lines and matching the increase to content, rather than a blanket increase.

Again, this price rise does not cover the burden of increases on raw materials and if these continue to rise we may have to look again at either our pricing or our discount structures. We will, of course, keep you updated on further changes, but as I am sure you can appreciate we are living in difficult and challenging times.

There is an extreme shortage of raw materials and available logistics as well as increased costs that is driving up raw material prices, this is changing almost daily, and because of this, it affects our ability to offer validity on any quoted prices. Therefore on any quoted jobs or projects, either already quoted or on future quotes, we can only confirm the valid price at the time of ordering – we would ask all distributors to confirm with us that costs are still valid before entering into an order.

If you have any questions regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact either myself or the sales team.

Best regards

Stewart Bourn

Managing Director

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