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Anco has been acquired and is now part of IWS Group, The Industrial Workspace Specialists.

Dear Anco Distributor,

Today we are delighted to announce that Anco has been acquired and is now part of IWS Group, The Industrial Workspace Specialists.

IWS Group is a growing family of specialist, market-leading product brands and service companies, providing essential services and supplies to the logistics, material handling and industrial sectors across Europe and beyond. Find out more at

What does this mean for Anco?

Anco is now part of a larger group, which further strengthens our resources, infrastructure and capability to provide our reseller and distribution network with even more of the highest standards of service, customer care and innovation. It will also allow us to offer our customers a wider breadth of product and service solutions.

What does this mean for our distributors?

It’s business as usual and nothing changes for our customers. Anco continues to trade as Anco and will continue to provide the highest standards of service our trade customers are used to.

The future

We are excited about the future, and we’re particularly keen to explore opportunities to introduce complementary services, solutions and products to our customers from our new sister companies within IWS Group.

More about IWS Group

Our new ‘sister’ companies within the IWS Group are Beaverswood, Brandsafe and Rack Group.

Beaverswood manufactures innovative products that improve the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of the physical workspace. The Beaverswood range of warehouse safety and management products includes labelling and signage, recycling solutions, identification products and visual communication solutions. The beauty of the Beaverswood products is their quality and simplicity – simple to install, simple to use - enabling optimal performance.

Brandsafe is Europe’s leading provider of high visibility impact protection and site safety for industrial buildings, such as warehouses, manufacturing sites and logistics hubs.

Its innovative traffic management and pedestrian safety solutions are designed to sustainably prevent and protect people, products and property from impact damage.

Rack Group is the UK's leading provider of warehouse racking solutions that focus on prolonging the life and safety of racking. These solutions, which include racking installation, inspection, repair, maintenance and training, are provided to many of the biggest household names across the UK. Its range of racking protection includes the market leading brand Rack Armour.

A message from Anco’s Managing Director, Stewart Bourn

“This acquisition is a real testament to the fantastic team we have and the outstanding service we provide. Joining the IWS Group is an excellent opportunity for Anco, our employees and our distributors.The new ownership will enable us to accelerate our growth and further improve our product offering, resource, and infrastructure. This is a big win for us as a company and for our resellers.”

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With kind regards,

The Anco Team.

IWS acquisition announcement APPROVED
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